Monday, September 14, 2015

Galaxy War 1939: The Legacy of the Oros Preview

My first White Star compatible product is inching ever closer to release. I've changed the name of the thing three or four times, and may end up changing it again. What hasn't changed is the awesome cover art that +James Shields painted up for me. I've been futzing with the layout and composition (two words I barely understand, frankly). But I got a blessing from some folks that I trust, so here's the preview.

And to stay committed to posting gameable content to this blog, here's a further preview -- the typical Nazi patrol with its Light Hover Support Vehicle.

Weltkriegsmarine Squad (6)

AC: 5 [14]; HD: 1+1; hp: 6 each; Atk: Kar98k Rifle (1d6+1); or Grenade (3d6/2d6) SV: 18; MV: 12; Possessions: Medium armor, Kar98k Rifle, 3 grenades, 15 rounds ammunition; HDE/XP: 1/15

Weltkriegsmarine are the standard combat troops of the Deutschstern Reich. They are typically equipped with standard rifles, grenades and medium armor. Squads are composed of five individuals led by a Rottenf├╝hrer, or squad leader. Platoons (6 squads) are led by a Sturmscharf├╝hrer or platoon leader. These leaders have maximum hit points.

Art by ME! 

Sd.Kfz. 2250

Light Hover Support Vehicle

AC 4 [15]; HP 20; MV 15; Target +0; Atk MG34 machinegun (2d6; ROF 3) [crew-operated]; Other Equipment: Short wave radio; Crew: Driver and gunner (as Weltkriegsmarine above)

The Sd.Kfz 2250 is an armored hover vehicle used to provide fire and communications support for patrols of weltkriegsmarine in the rough highlands of Churchill IV. Though lightly armored, the vehicle takes no damage from light weapons. A squad of troops can ride on the back and sides of the vehicle, though it only provides a modicum of cover.

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