Friday, September 11, 2015

The Vampir Strikes!

Here's a second preview for the upcoming Galaxy War 1939 adventure that we'll be publishing soon (hopefully this weekend!).

The Nazis have taken control of the British system Churchill IV, and its eponymous Earth-like planet. After the initial invasion, the Nazis encountered stiff resistance from the miners left in the northwestern highlands. After months of fighting the dissidents, Nazi high-command unleashed their secret weapon: the kriegstier -- alien predators biologically enhanced to hunt the partisans, rooting them out of their cave and mine redoubts.

With the suppression operations at an end, the Nazis now need to get control of the krigstier, which immediately adapted to their new environment. They need the precious metals found in the northwest highlands in order to fuel the galaxy-spanning war machine. To support this, they have issued a general system directive allowing off-duty units to travel to Churchill IV and hunt down the kriegstier.

As the population of kriegstier hunters grows, so does their arsenal. The ME-22 Vampir is one of the key pieces in the hunt for the kriegstier and any remaining dissidents. A small stunt fighter, the Vampir is typically a short-range interceptor (it lacks a rail monitor for inter-system travel) launched from much larger carrier ships. Within the atmosphere, the Vampir is agile, fast, and capable of hovering. It is one of the few Deutschstern Reich fighters to mount laser cannons, giving it a good punch of firepower.

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