Monday, November 02, 2015

Patron Monday: Myrddin, Spirit of the Pits

Art by David Fisher @ Shinobi 27 Games
Way back near the beginning of DCC RPG, I wrote a book with +Daniel Bishop called Angels, Daemons and Beings Between. I don't link the book here because, even though I'm proud of our work, I'm not going to enrich a publisher that left his customers high and dry. It was a book of patrons for DCC, and it was a lot of damn work. Rewarding work, but a lot of work, all the same. I wrote... fifteen patrons for that book, of which only a few made it in. There had been talk of a second book, but the publisher flaked, folks were pissed and so it goes.

About a year ago, I was resolved to publish another patron book, both as an apology to the folks that got stiffed and in order to do something with all this damn content I wrote. That fell through in maddening fashion before it ever got off the ground. So, here I am, a stack of patron content and no where to put it.

And thus, you benefit.

I may throw all of these into a single free PDF eventually, or not. Otherwise, you should see... about 22 patrons over the next 22 weeks or so.

I was contemplating "classes" of patrons while writing the first book. Not all patrons are all-powerful entities with universe-spanning powers. Some are local petty gods, spirits and demons with limited influence and power. These patrons are eager to see their influence grow through their cultists, and thus also may have certain secret rituals and artifacts that enhance or expand their power beyond their current limited range.

Myrddin was an example of a Minor Patron -- one with a limited geographic influence, only a few invoke patron results, no granted spells, etc.

As always, let me know what you think of this one. My goal is to publish one a week -- on Monday. Stay tuned for other weekly content (probably on Friday).

Myrddin, Spirit of the Pits (PDF)


Stephen Newton said...

I have the PDF of that book. It's too bad that it ended the way it did and you can't get the content reprinted. (Although you probably could... If the publisher has taken off then it would be a calculated risk and you arguably have rights to the content...)

Paul Wolfe said...

We talked about it some, and had a couple of plans -- but ultimately had other projects that were more attractive... so it goes.

David Fisher said...

Hey mate, did you end up including the illustration?

Paul Wolfe said...

I'm about to. Working on AKAS -- I'll update Myrddin, as well. Thanks again for letting me use them!