Friday, September 09, 2016

The Daemons are Released!

I'm late on this one, but I wanted to trumpet the continued accomplishments of my co-authors on my second professional RPG project: +Daniel Bishop and +David Fisher.

Way back when, we got together with another fellow (who will not be named) and funded an indiegogo campaign for a book of DCC RPG patrons. Months (years) later, all of the rewards had yet to be delivered by the unnamed fellow. No one knows why -- maybe he over-promised without knowing how much things would cost, or maybe there was some "crowdfunding curse" involved (you know... every undelivered crowdfunding effort spurns some tragedy, madness, or otherwise will of the gods that prevent delivery), or maybe he planned to use the money for something else entirely. From my perspective, I only felt bad because these new friends of mine that plopped down their hard-earned gold pieces for some treasure that I'd had a part in, never got what they paid for. (Full disclosure, the unnamed fellow never fully settled up with me, either).

Anyway -- all that bad stuff behind us -- the badass David Fisher managed to get the license for the physical version of Angels, Daemons and Beings Between. And, along with some new content from me, Daniel and David, Mr. Fisher created an awesome new cover image for the book -- Dagon!

The important thing is, there are three versions of this book -- the hardcover, with Dagon, the softcover with Dagon, and the "classic" cover -- Hecate, also in softcover. I personally am not a "collect them all" kind of guy, but the great thing is, you have options -- the softcovers are a bit cheaper than the hardcover, and you have the variety of covers to choose from.

The main reason I mention this is that it's not readily apparent on OBS that there's three different versions.... Anyway -- here they are:

Hardcover Dagon version
Softcover Dagon version
Softcover Hecate version
Enjoy, and as always, let us know what you think of the book.


knobgobbler said...

It's a great book!
I bought in PDF the moment I saw it available.
Love that there's an A. Merritt creature in it.
It's great news to me that there's now a hardcover out. Not sure which one I'll get... I prefer the original cover but like hardbacks (if they're sturdy)... decisions, gah!

David Fisher said...

Just a note that the books are different to the PDF. The books have an additional 11 patrons and another 22 spells. Sadly, we can't sell the PDF for this expanded version.

Stephen Newton said...

It make me sad to speculate that the reason you could not secure PDF rights is be caused the Unnamed One is still enjoying PDF royalties...

David Fisher said...

To be fair, however, he did let us take the book to print and get Paul and Daniel's hard work a new lease on life. But I hear ya.