Monday, April 09, 2018

D.A.M.N. Spring 2018 Issue -- Kickstarter

Hello my fellow DAMNed. This year we're taking a different approach to publishing DAMN magazine -- we're crowdfunding each issue. We managed to get two issues out last year -- if you haven't picked them up, head on over there ---->

And click the appropriate link.

The Kickstarter is Live and here:

But, for the new issue, take a gander at this super exciting pitch video:

DAMN that sh*t is dope.

The big news for this issue is that we're trying to get a couple of different covers. David Fisher has agreed to come back for Cover A. If I can make the second stretch goal, I can afford Stefan Poag for Cover B. The two lower level tiers get a choice of covers (if we make that all important stretch goal) and the highest tier (the Reaver) gets BOTH covers.

Why are we doing two covers? Well, I really want to get Stefan on the cover of a DAMN magazine, is the short answer.

I have some other ideas, as well, for other stretch goals -- but, I'll keep those under my hat for the moment. I'd really like to hear from you guys.

Look, if you love this community and you love this community magazine, I really hope you'll support us.

Making the magazine better every issue is my ultimate goal. So I hope you guys agree.

So take it from Mammon: Coins for Souls. Come on. You know you want to.
(Art by Ari-Matti Pippo)


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