Player's Guide -- The Ketsueki Empire

This page collects all the in-progress playtest/draft information for the DCC RPG campaign, Incidents of Travel in the Ketsueki Empire.

Overview of the Ketsueki Empire Campaign

Character Creation

0-Level Character Generation

  • 0-Level Character Chart -- Other than this and languages, 0-Level character creation is the same.
  • Languages of the Ketsueki Empire -- Note that your caste (determined during 0-Level character creation) determines the accent with which you speak the Ketsueki common tongue. 
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Equipment
Character Classes

Human Character Classes
Yokai Character Classes
Special Rules

  • Martial Arts
  • Combat Duels
Caste, Interaction and "Promotion"

Gods and Monsters


Spells and Artifacts


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