Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pulp Weird Adventures #1

We did a small thing for DCC, just to test whether anyone was interested in a semi-zine-like book of short adventures -- similar to In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer, but shorter/simpler in scope.

The Idea

The idea of Pulp Weird Adventures (and Squid Sorcerer) was three-fold:

  • Short -- Like a lot of gamers, I have a job, a family, and a lot of "real life" going on. I get about 3 sessions a month for about 3-4 hours each. I love mega-dungeons, but they don't always serve the purpose. I really like well-crafted, intense adventures that play in that "con spot" span of time. 
  • Pulpy -- I was a creature of pulp even before I was a gamer (Tarzan 1-15 by the time I was 12). I love the two-fisted, action-packed, and slightly odd stories that come out of pulp. I mean, Tarzan rejected as an actor to play Tarzan in the movie of the same name? And then he has to rescue the whole movie crew from some mad scientist and his talking gorilla minions? Yeah. I love pulp. (Tarzan and the Lion Man). 
  • Weird -- I dig on classic fantasy, but I love to put the weird fantasy in the bowl and smoke it. Laser robots versus flying ape demons? A wizard captivated by an alien scout invader? Hyperspatial ooze lords versus the cat women from the Planet XXX? Mermaids from Yuggoth? I'm all over that. 

Pulp Weird Adventures #1

Pulp Weird Adventures #1 gets us started with two short adventures. 

The first one, by +Daniel Bishop, Tomb of the Squonk, was actually written for Squid Sorcerer, but fell out of that book due to length. It's a short adventure, but packed with some weirdness and has a few campaign implications if the Judge decides to use it. 

The second one, by +Charlie Scott, is his first adventure for DCC -- Called the Silent Army, it contemplates the implications of an otherwordly invader to a simple fantasy setting. How those seeking power get enthralled by such power. It's a good one. 

So, take a look at Pulp Weird #1 and let us know if you'd like to see more, weirder and pulpier adventures in the future.