Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shaloth, the Dying God

The Dying God

Deep in the underworld, creatures have gathered around a feathered dragon-like creature, once a prisoner of Akavala's god-seed, and now an ailing demi-god to a growing cult. She is Shaloth, the achechari, once a majestic warrior against the depredations of the Ravenous Tree. Rituals and sacrifices now draw leathery eggs from the mewling and soul-wracked being, still struggling against the influences of the god-seed. 

Will the characters join with this alien being against the god-seed and Akavala? Or will the forces of Law compel them to destroy the cult and their god? 

Here's a preview of Shaloth, the Dying God (PDF), including a snippet of the cover, by none other than +Doug Kovacs

The God-Seed Awakens is a DCC RPG adventure by +Paul Wolfe and forthcoming from Mystic Bull Games. Look for it on RPGNow/Drivethru RPG in PDF and Print in February 2014. 

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Within the Seed of the Worldbreaker

Preview 3 of The God-Seed Awakens

Next up is the back story of the god-seed, a burgeoning aspect of Akavala, a world (and dimension-spanning) tree that is a god. The god-seed lies in the underworld of the PCs planet, slowly sending out its roots and pulling in future defenders.

Within the seed lies one of its servants, the Controller, a creature composed of plant-like tendrils that takes captured prisoners and converts them to future defenders of Akavala.

Within the Seed of the Worldbreaker (PDF).

Art by Jason Sholtis

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Denizens of the Underworld

In the caverns beneath Mount Welwood lurk creatures with agendas that preclude gods and man. Some seek simple sustenance in a world devoid of light, while others search for a meaning to their existence. All are wary of the new invaders — the servants of the God-Seed. Here are a couple of ruthless predators that use horrifying tactics to secure and dismember their prey.

Read more about them in our second preview for The God-Seed Awakens, a forthcoming adventure for DCC RPG: Denizens of the Underworld. (PDF)

The Achechari Hatchling by +Jason Sholtis

The Cave Ray by +David Fisher