Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shaloth, the Dying God

The Dying God

Deep in the underworld, creatures have gathered around a feathered dragon-like creature, once a prisoner of Akavala's god-seed, and now an ailing demi-god to a growing cult. She is Shaloth, the achechari, once a majestic warrior against the depredations of the Ravenous Tree. Rituals and sacrifices now draw leathery eggs from the mewling and soul-wracked being, still struggling against the influences of the god-seed. 

Will the characters join with this alien being against the god-seed and Akavala? Or will the forces of Law compel them to destroy the cult and their god? 

Here's a preview of Shaloth, the Dying God (PDF), including a snippet of the cover, by none other than +Doug Kovacs

The God-Seed Awakens is a DCC RPG adventure by +Paul Wolfe and forthcoming from Mystic Bull Games. Look for it on RPGNow/Drivethru RPG in PDF and Print in February 2014. 

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