Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DCC RPG Class: The Brave

I got to play some Black Powder; Black Magic with +Noah Stevens a couple of weeks ago, and this class just came to me. A kind of warrior/cleric mix -- holy warrior without the spells, essentially. I have no idea who the Hollow Men are, but it sounded cool.

Looking forward to continuing to play in the world that +Eric Hoffman and +Carl Bussler conceived. You should definitely check out the 'zine, if you haven't, over on OBS: Issue 1; Issue 2.

The Brave

A warrior of the tribe, you run through the tangled eastern forests, slide down the dry choke canyons of the west or gallop astride your pony on the central plains. Your courage is unmatched and with a weapon or not, your enemies quail against your mighty war cry. The spirits guide your steps through the shadowed lands, where you seek out the Hollow Men – those that have died but yet wander. 

Hit Points: A brave gains 1d8 hit points at each level. At 1st level, a brave gains 2d8 hit points.

Weapon Training: Braves can use any melee weapon, as well as bows, pistols and long rifles. 

Alignment: Braves are typically Lawful, being seekers of the damned in the dark places of America. Those that have succumbed to the predations of evil embrace Chaos. 

Hunter of Evils: Braves seek out creatures cursed by the spirits. Demons, undead, unnatural beasts all are their enemies. When fighting these creatures, braves add a Deed Die to their attack, can execute Mighty Deeds and have an increased chance of scoring a critical hit on these creatures. Additionally, braves can track these creatures through spoor and scent.

Mighty Deed of Arms: Braves may use any Mighty Deed of Arms against opponents unholy to the spirits. In addition, they have a special Mighty Deed that drives away the evil creature(s).  

Repel Unholy
The brave’s force of will and skill at arms can affect the morale of creatures considered unholy to the spirits. If a successful hit and deed is rolled, the unholy creature struck receives damage as per the Mighty Deed and must make a Will save (DC 9+deed result) or be affected as described below. Others that may be affected for higher deed results make the same saving throw.

Initiative: When fighting against unholy creatures, braves add their level to the initiative roll.

Luck: A brave’s Luck bonus is applied to his or her attack roll against Unholy creatures.

Action Dice: A brave uses his Action Dice for attack rolls and skill checks.  

* Deed Die and increased threat range apply only to unholy opponents. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Radiotapes Intercept #1 -- More Stuff for your OSR Sci-Fi Game


You may have noticed our recent obsession with the White Star(TM) RPG, a fantastic OSR-based sci-fi core rulebook by +James Spahn. There have been a number of great resources to come out of James' Compatibility License: Graveyard at Lus by +Jason Paul McCartan, several resources by +Chuck Thorin, Drongo by +Mark Hunt, and many others.

We threw our hat in the ring with a couple of one-page adventures, Bug Hunt and Last Transmission, set in a retro sci-fi setting just prior to World War II. We followed that up with an official Galaxy Wars 1939 adventure, Legacy of the Oros.

We introduced the campaign world without a lot of background or rules, because we feel like that such things should emerge during play. Legacy of the Oros was intended to be an introduction to that world, with support on this blog. We've posted a few articles related to the campaign -- The Spy character class (which is usable in any White Star(TM) or OSR sci-fi setting) and some clarification on the level of technology and FTL.

Now we present a free (as in beer) 'zine called Radiotapes. This is intended to collect rules, classes, new psionic powers and even a few adventures, as we get to them. While some of the content is focused on the Galaxy War 1939 campaign, the majority is usable in any White Star(TM) or OSR sci-fi game.

Take a look at Radiotapes Intercept #1 and let us know what you think. We also have it in 2-up and Booklet format.