Monday, October 05, 2015

Radiotapes Intercept #1 -- More Stuff for your OSR Sci-Fi Game


You may have noticed our recent obsession with the White Star(TM) RPG, a fantastic OSR-based sci-fi core rulebook by +James Spahn. There have been a number of great resources to come out of James' Compatibility License: Graveyard at Lus by +Jason Paul McCartan, several resources by +Chuck Thorin, Drongo by +Mark Hunt, and many others.

We threw our hat in the ring with a couple of one-page adventures, Bug Hunt and Last Transmission, set in a retro sci-fi setting just prior to World War II. We followed that up with an official Galaxy Wars 1939 adventure, Legacy of the Oros.

We introduced the campaign world without a lot of background or rules, because we feel like that such things should emerge during play. Legacy of the Oros was intended to be an introduction to that world, with support on this blog. We've posted a few articles related to the campaign -- The Spy character class (which is usable in any White Star(TM) or OSR sci-fi setting) and some clarification on the level of technology and FTL.

Now we present a free (as in beer) 'zine called Radiotapes. This is intended to collect rules, classes, new psionic powers and even a few adventures, as we get to them. While some of the content is focused on the Galaxy War 1939 campaign, the majority is usable in any White Star(TM) or OSR sci-fi game.

Take a look at Radiotapes Intercept #1 and let us know what you think. We also have it in 2-up and Booklet format.

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