Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gamer ADD Wins Again

For me it strikes when I see a thing -- a movie, a blog post, an image... or read a book. And then, I'm in the throes of it. Regardless of the intensity of the latest RPG project that's sitting on my desk waiting for completion, I can't resist the draw. 

So in my first post since February, I will appropriately discuss some of the ADD that's seized my attention (and prevented blog posts...among other things). 

Whitebox Hacks for Various Things

It's a system you can't resist tinkering with. 

The Princess Blade

I have a late-Tokugawa Japanese thing... I may have mentioned it before. While I was unemployed earlier this year, I did what every good unemployed bum should do: Spent my unemployment monies on liquor, GaryCon, and fancy clothes and laid around the house watching Samurai movies. Lady Snowblood did it for me -- I immediately embarked on The Princess Blade -- A Chanbara hack for Whitebox S&W. Probably a mini-game, but I've got so much written for this thing, that I can resist releasing it either as an actual product or just a free-fun thing. Chanbara-style RPG'ing has always had a special place in my heart. I'll post a few things from the manuscript later this week. 

Twilight 1948

I blame +Eric Hoffman for this one. I've had a semi-developed WWII setting since the early 2000's, and never got to run/play it for anyone. It's based on the Jedburgh missions, late-1944 in Occupied France. There's an alternate history twist once the initial stage of the campaign unfolds that tries to mimic the look/feel of Twilight 2000, but with WWII-era equipment and political situations. The Amazon series Man in a High Castle didn't help me resist this one. I'm running a playtest with +Alex Perucchini+Jason Sholtis+Jason Hobbs+Cody Mazza and the aforementioned Hoffman. The rules are dead simple from the player's perspective. From the GM's it's a toolbox for building a mission-based sandbox in occupied enemy territory. I think it may be portable to different genres, and I liberally stole from +Paolo Greco's ideas with Gangs & Bullshit (further inspiration while at GaryCon. 


It's my system of love at the moment. Natural fits here. 

Dark Ages of DCC

I did a thing because someone else did a thing (scroll down to Dark Ages D&D posts. Fucker. I immediately re-tooled the Seven Saxons -- old d20 adventure by Bad Axe Games -- to a DCC funnel extravaganza for my invading Viking 0-levels. 

From there, I let it lie a bit, but now I'm back consuming research materials and writing. More stuff on this one to come. I'll post some of my stuff on this one. It's going to be fun, I think. I'm thinking a West Marches style recurring game online, if I can swing it. More news later. 

In-Flight Actual Projects

And I still have Ketsuin, the DCC-ified fantasy version of a late-classical era Japan. +David Fisher is hard at work on art for it. Expect an announcement soon. 

And the re-tool of Angels, Daemons and Beings Between. But you already knew about that one. 

So, gamer ADD has me in its clutches, in addition to a weekly B/X game, a weekly DCC game, and a bi-weekly Operation Unfathomable game (Whitebox S&W with a +Jason Sholtis twist). But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Great day to be alive and a gamer!