Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Journey Truly Begins

Just over a month ago, +Daniel Bishop and +David Fisher came to me and asked if my little publishing collective could take over publishing DCC Adventure Magazine and News. This was a project we collaborated on a few years ago with another publisher and managed to get the first issue produced -- though only in PDF form. I think all three of us looked at that experience as a good one, overall, and I know for my part, I really liked the art and content that we put together for it.

Well, in short order, we turned around an reprint of the first issue, with much expanded content, some new art and layout, and more importantly, a different focus. Or maybe, a truer focus. Yes, the magazine has Adventures. But, it also now has NEWS. And it's news about the community -- third party publishers, local DCC RPG groups, and new products either here or coming soon. And we have some great non-adventure gaming articles specifically focused on the great things about DCC -- Spellburn, classes, monsters, spells, and random tables galore.

All that to say... It's here. It looks great. And it's available to purchase in PDF or Print on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG.

Go get it, if you want to see what the first step in a true DCC community news and adventure magazine run is going to look like. If you already bought the PDF way back when, you'll be surprised by the new content (76 pages of content in an 84 page book).

And we have a lot more coming, but I'll talk about that in another post.

Friday, February 17, 2017

D.A.M.N. Winter 2017 Issue -- Table of Contents and Submission Guidelines


Our first issue of D.A.M.N. magazine is in the can and getting set up for print. While we're waiting, the table of contents page and the submission guidelines are shared below.

Overall, I'm excited about the tone we're setting -- It's third-party publisher/author/fans from cover-to-cover. Got an interview with +Terra Frank about Dungeon Lord, a sneak-peek at +Thorin Thompson's Sky ov Crimson Flame, something exciting coming from +Reid San Filippo, and some general community news. Add to that an adventure and two articles by +Daniel Bishop, two articles by +Stephen Newton, an article by +Julian Bernick, and classic content from the original first issue from me, +Godric McKellan and +Garett Oliver. Wrapped up all nice and pretty with +David Fisher's excellent art.

I may have Stockholm Syndrome, but I think it looks pretty darn good (I resisted).

Submissions for the Spring 2017 Issue -- I'm looking to have all written content in by end of March and all art by April 15th.

I want to reiterate: We need your content. We commission longer pieces, but all the rest (~3,000 words and less) come from you, the community. We also need art! +David Fisher is our principal artist, but we want to feature art from our great community artists (and give David a break -- he's working on like four books right now). Read the submission guidelines closely, and let's get the Spring 2017 issue filled up with great content quickly.

Stay DAMNed,

Monday, February 06, 2017

It's About DAMNed Time!

Greetings from deep inside the secure Mystic Bull Games facility where we are hard at work with our newest toy -- the DCC Time Machine. Remember back in the halcyon days before you were waiting patiently by the door for your 4th Printing of the DCC Core Rules like a retriever with a bladder infection? Back in that time, there was a mythical adventure magazine for DCC girls, boys and transgenders of all stripes. Oftentimes they would get spanked for even talking about it. Not because it was particularly evil, it's just that their Moms thought they were cussing at the dinner table when they talked about...

That's right kids. Put on your 2013 fashions and rock out to your favorite music from the Obama era, because that da'gone DAMN magazine is back.

Here's the initial plan (which is pretty solid) and the next steps (which are pretty solid) and the future of DAMN magazine (which entirely depends on you).

DAMN Issue 1:: Back in Time Edition

ETA: Mid-March

The first issue of DAMN magazine was released in PDF, but never made it to print. Well, we're going to change all that. We're releasing DAMN #1 with expanded content (see below), an all-new layout, and, more importantly, new FOCUS: We want to report on, support, and publish from 3rd Party DCC RPG publishers, authors, and fans. For this first issue, we give you a taste of that, which hopefully much more to come. 

Table of Contents

  • The Mysterious Valley -- By Daniel J. Bishop -- Travel to the wizard Harhasan's secret valley where he bred monsters from men and animals. And run from these creations! 
  • Forsaken Reavers of Praeder Peak -- by Paul Wolfe -- Drawn to the hellish jungles of Praeder Island by the soul of Skal Silverhand, northron hero and basket case, your party seeks to release his restless dead companions to their final reward. 
  • It's All Greek to Me! Mythical Monsters from a Future Age-- by Daniel J. Bishop -- ***New Content*** In the far future, it's no longer a simple matter to tell magic from science. And these "magical" monsters look a lot like those from Greek legend! 
  • The Snow Queen -- by Garett Oliver -- A Queen of the Elves has lived much longer than even elves should live. And it's really cold here.
  • Articles by Daniel J. Bishop, Godric McKellan, and new content by Stephen "Snake" Newton, Paul Wolfe and the DAMNed Fine News Staff. 
  • All new art by David Fisher! 
  • And other Surprises! 

DAMN Issue 2 :: Ain't No Party Like a Third-Party Party

ETA: Mid-May

This is where we really get focused on our core -- we have a line-up of third-party DCC authors and fans that's going to knock you for a DAMNed loop (never gets old). Expect something along these lines: 
  • Interview with a third-party DCC publisher, author, podcaster, or super-fan
  • DCC News -- Third-party products, crowdfunding announcements and news, Con reports, and the like. 
  • DCC Talk -- That's right, a letters section, so stay tuned for a place to send them. We're going to publish fan letters, answer questions about rules, adventures, and other DCC-related fun. 
  • At least two "long form" adventures (similar to issue 1)
  • Three to five "short form" adventures/encounters (think In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer). 
  • Art, ART, A R T! 
  • And tons of gameable content. 

The DAMN Future :: Or... It's All in Your Hands

The future of DAMN Magazine is up to you guys. Do you want a regular adventure and news magazine covering this game that we all love? If you do, then there will be a subscription drive and a submission drive -- We need to have the best content and we need to get that content in the hands of every DCC player out there -- and convert a few on on the way. 

Your feedback is always desired -- feel free to leave a comment about DAMN and what you'd like to see in a community magazine.