Friday, February 17, 2017

D.A.M.N. Winter 2017 Issue -- Table of Contents and Submission Guidelines


Our first issue of D.A.M.N. magazine is in the can and getting set up for print. While we're waiting, the table of contents page and the submission guidelines are shared below.

Overall, I'm excited about the tone we're setting -- It's third-party publisher/author/fans from cover-to-cover. Got an interview with +Terra Frank about Dungeon Lord, a sneak-peek at +Thorin Thompson's Sky ov Crimson Flame, something exciting coming from +Reid San Filippo, and some general community news. Add to that an adventure and two articles by +Daniel Bishop, two articles by +Stephen Newton, an article by +Julian Bernick, and classic content from the original first issue from me, +Godric McKellan and +Garett Oliver. Wrapped up all nice and pretty with +David Fisher's excellent art.

I may have Stockholm Syndrome, but I think it looks pretty darn good (I resisted).

Submissions for the Spring 2017 Issue -- I'm looking to have all written content in by end of March and all art by April 15th.

I want to reiterate: We need your content. We commission longer pieces, but all the rest (~3,000 words and less) come from you, the community. We also need art! +David Fisher is our principal artist, but we want to feature art from our great community artists (and give David a break -- he's working on like four books right now). Read the submission guidelines closely, and let's get the Spring 2017 issue filled up with great content quickly.

Stay DAMNed,


Matthew Schmeer said...

Is the same as this?:

Forrest Aguirre said...

Really looking forward to this reboot!

Paul Wolfe said...

Matthew Schmeer: This is an expanded reprint of that PDF-only issue. The winter 2017 edition contains more content and art, and we'll be publishing a physical copy -- this is in preparation for a quarterly periodical focused on DCC gaming content and lots of news!

Forrest: Thanks!