Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Journey Truly Begins

Just over a month ago, +Daniel Bishop and +David Fisher came to me and asked if my little publishing collective could take over publishing DCC Adventure Magazine and News. This was a project we collaborated on a few years ago with another publisher and managed to get the first issue produced -- though only in PDF form. I think all three of us looked at that experience as a good one, overall, and I know for my part, I really liked the art and content that we put together for it.

Well, in short order, we turned around an reprint of the first issue, with much expanded content, some new art and layout, and more importantly, a different focus. Or maybe, a truer focus. Yes, the magazine has Adventures. But, it also now has NEWS. And it's news about the community -- third party publishers, local DCC RPG groups, and new products either here or coming soon. And we have some great non-adventure gaming articles specifically focused on the great things about DCC -- Spellburn, classes, monsters, spells, and random tables galore.

All that to say... It's here. It looks great. And it's available to purchase in PDF or Print on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG.

Go get it, if you want to see what the first step in a true DCC community news and adventure magazine run is going to look like. If you already bought the PDF way back when, you'll be surprised by the new content (76 pages of content in an 84 page book).

And we have a lot more coming, but I'll talk about that in another post.


sevenbastard said...

I bought DAMN when it first came out do i have to buy it again or just redownload.

Paul Wolfe said...

This is an all-new release with expanded content from a different publisher, so it would be a different purchase. And the beginning of a quarterly release run.

liza said...

nice post